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Your partner in Leadership, Performance and Change

Goldfish Consulting provides customised strategic human resource and organisational development solutions to meet your business needs.

Our services are aimed at enabling Leadership to bring about Organisational Change that consistently produces improved Performance and Sustainability.

Why use Goldfish Consulting?
Customised services that facilitate your business objectives and strategic goals
Enhancement of the business climate that influences employee behaviour and therefore productivity

What our clients say

  • For the last 18 years I was in a couple of technical roles, and I was extremely good at it. In the last 5 years my role changed a bit more into a technical lead/managerial role but I still focused on what I was good at – the technical side of things!
    A while ago some directions within the company started to change – and at that stage I was not ready for those changes. I’ve realized that I will have to choose – I must either become a specialist on the technical side of things, or only focus my attentions on becoming a better manager. To do both and to maintain a healthy family life will be impossible.
    I’ve decided on the managerial route. At this point I’ve started my journey with Lynne, as I really needed all the help I could get to make the shift from a techy to manager.

    I can tell you now – the shift was NOT easy. All the sudden, I had to deal with extra responsibilities – and many times I felt completely out of my depth (and sometimes I still feel that way, but it’s getting better  ) .
    I started to question my role at the company – I’ve asked questions like: Am I really capable in doing this job? Maybe I must just take the easy way out and become a technical specialist? Is this change really worth all the stress & effort?
    But the sessions with Lynne really helped me a lot! If it was not for her, I most probably wouldn’t have succeeded. With her guidance I’ve grown so much in the last year, and I’m still growing – not just within my role as manager, but also personally.
    She helped me to see my real potential, she gave me the tools that I needed to make the shift.
    So thank you so much Lynne, it was a tough journey, which was really not easy – but at the end, it was life changing for me and WELL WORTH IT!

  • In a world of complexity, Lynne has the ability to engage, communicate, translate, and deliver in meaningful ways for desired outcomes.

    I have witnessed Lynne work through business issues that are muddied with personal agendas, negative politics, and unclear strategies to bring forth direction and meaningful action.

    Paul G
    GI Services
  • I worked closely with Lynne for several years as she managed all aspects of staff relationships, human resource development and change management in a large non-profit organisation.

    Lynne brought an unusual mix of integrity, creativity, thoughtfulness and discipline to what is often a rather unwieldy aspect of corporate life.

    I enthusiastically recommend her to assess the climate within companies, and to develop and lead interventions to improve the atmosphere and productivity in the workplace.

    Cedric de Beer
  • I have been working with Lynne in various capacities since 2007. 

    Our working relationship began when I did some training for Lynne while she was contracted to Nurcha and we have subsequently worked on many training, development and consulting projects together. These projects have ranged from Lynne being a project manager and myself a trainer or sometimes our roles were reversed. Lynne also introduced me to social involvement at a time when I needed a new challenge in my professional career. Several people that Lynne recommended for projects are still being used by my company regularly, showing her knowledge of people and her field.

    Lynne is a consummate professional and I have always been proud to call her more than just a colleague. I often also rely on her for professional and personal advice, and consider her a friend.

    Annie Baptiste
    Franchising Plus Training
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Lynne for many years now and can highly recommend her as a Consultant that adds value to the bottom line of an organisation.

    She has the rare ability to take theoretical concepts and distil them into powerfully simple solutions that talk to business and are practical to implement. She can deal effectively at all organisational levels and bring people together to move towards a common vision and purpose.

    Lynne is a person of absolute integrity. 

    Peta-Jean Kirkby
    Principal Consultant