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Lockdown! This is a serious challenge to manage today. We have to cope with a household that is full, with nowhere to go. Nowhere to expend the energy that is quickly becoming pent up. The need to go to the shops and stock up with supplies looks like running the gauntlet.

One of the saddest things we have witnessed over these past months is the frenzied hoarding behaviour of people. It is explained away as coming from the need to gain some control, to mitigate risk and to ensure the survival of the self. But is that all we are? Just in survival, responding to the base needs that our fear dictates to us? Are we not capable of something more? Where is our compassion for others? Where do we consider the needs of those who do not have the financial means to hoard? What are these people to do when they get to the shops and the shelves are empty?

We live in a world where we believe we are separate from each other and each must make their own way. This belief system is fundamentally flawed. It is based on the mechanistic reductionist model of the 16th century. Today, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that points to the fact that we are in fact energetic beings. Studies of brain wave patterns show that our brains emit electronic signals ranging from 0.5 Hz (Delta) when we sleep to 30 Hz (Beta) when we are engaged in concentrated mental work. But it is the 40 Hz (Gamma) vibrations that are interesting. These vibrations are in fact neural oscillatory activity across the entire brain and deep within it, not only firing locally when we are busy with some activity but rather active both locally and across the brain. The Gamma vibrations are the functioning of the conscious brain, either awake or asleep. The seat of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

What does this mean? The 40 Hz oscillations are the brains neural substrate. “Just as linear or serial neural tracts enable rational, logical data processing (IQ) to take place and a parallel neural networks allow preconscious and unconscious associative data processing (EQ), the 40 Hz across-the-brain oscillations provide a means by which our experience can be bound together and placed in a frame of wider meaning (SQ)” . In the 1950s David Bohm observed the close analogy between quantum processes and our own inner experiences and thought processes. What we have found is that the mind has a transcendent quality that roots us, at the very least in the rest of life on this planet, while the sense of self is rooted in what Jung named the collective unconscious. “The 40 Hz neural oscillations that result in our human consciousness and our spiritual intelligence have their roots in nothing less than ‘God’. ‘God’ is the true centre of the self. And meaning has its origins in the ultimate meaning of all existence” .

If we are to find meaning in the chaos of the world today, it will be by exercising our SQ and showing the humanity that we are capable of when mankind is under threat. In his wonderful book “Man’s search for Meaning” Viktor Frankl depicts the dire circumstances of the concentration camp and yet, he sees that when every last dignity is taken away from us, we still have control over one thing: how we choose to respond. Let us stand together and show that human beings are more than a collection of molecules intent on survival. We do indeed have SQ, which we can demonstrate in the way we respond to the current crises and how we look out for each other.

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