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  • Organisational Energy and Individual Well-being

    Organisational Energy and Individual Well-being

    Lynne Derman
    A study of the dynamic, never-ending pattern of interaction between the individual and the organisation.
  • Project Management - A Behavioural Perspective

    Project Management - A Behavioural Perspective

    Yvonne du Plessis
    A book of inquiry and discovery, and offers a unique approach to project management. Unlike many other publications, it focuses on the human element or, more specifically, the behavioural aspects of project management including emotional intelligence, organisational energy, stress and conflict management, power and political behaviour and managing a project as a change process.
  • Love yourself for no reason

    Mark Kahn
    Our greatest suffering is that we do not feel complete as we are. We have been trained to reject our uniqueness and our value. We live in a prison; a cage of guilt, anxiety and worthlessness, believing that we are never 'good enough' just as we are
  • No Problem. The Upside of Saying No

    Liesel Teversham
    In 'NO Problem. The Upside of Saying No' Liesel Teversham has created a clear, step-by-step guide to overcoming a main cause of overwhelm and upset. Pulling on many different proven teachings and technologies, she combines ideas in a refreshing and practical way. You can start saying no with confidence, authority, and best of all - no guilt! This book will show you how.
  • A Journey to Remember

    Joy Truscott
    Our Life Journey is filled with experiences that often press us into a mind space that is filled with fear, sadness, depression and anger. Somehow we seem to have forgotten who we really are. The challenges and frustrations of daily living are like tight ropes that strangle and choke us. This book reveals the connection between our painful carrying of these cords and our ability to release them. Joy Truscott received a Vision that brought the clarity of our Life Journey into exquisite perfection. The Guidance is shared so that we may all find our Higher and Magnificent Self while we experience the Unfolding of this Life Journey.
  • Back from Burnout. Recovery is possible

    Back from Burnout: Recovery is Possible

    Lynne Derman
    A personal story of recovery from burnout. Written in a frank and sincere manner, Lynne describes her personal experience in six short chapters. At the end of each chapter the health professional involved provides a description of what was happening at the time and how their specific intervention supported her journey.