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Our Story

Why Goldfish Consulting?

We are often asked "Why Goldfish Consulting"? Our name is inspired by The Fish! Philosophy. John Christensen created this philosophy in 1998, modelled on the high energy of Pike Place Fish Market, which encourages individuals to be alert and active in the workplace. This approach resonates with our own study of energy and creating high-performance organisations.

Since the launch of the Fish! philosophy many organisations have adopted the four ideas:

  • Play: Play is not just an activity; it’s a state of mind that brings new energy and sparks creativity
  • Make their day: The world becomes a better place the moment you act on an intention to serve another
  • Be there: You can multitask with “stuff”, but you need to “be there” for people
  • Choose your attitude: The attitude you have right now if the one you are choosing. Is it the one you want?

Our company background

Goldfish Consulting is a South African company, established in 1999 by Dr Lynne Derman. Initially based in Johannesburg, we have moved to Cape Town but remain able to work anywhere in the country, and even across the border.

At this time, the company specialises in interventions that can assist organisations through the difficult economic climate of the country. Growth is more and more sought through mergers and acquisitions. This often requires restructuring and sometimes downsizing in order to find and unlock the value the strategic initiative anticipated. Frequently however, companies find that they cannot access the anticipated value.

While management are focused on the many complexities involved with strategic initiatives, it is challenging to consider the human aspects as well. One prefers to believe that employees trust their leadership and that with time, they will realise the benefits. It is at times like this, that the organisation will want to find the best way to send out a clear message to employees that we care about employees wellbeing, thereby gaining employees’ full commitment to making your strategic initiative a success.

Lynne Derman (Ph.D)

Lynne combines her many years of working in Human Resources, with an academic career that culminated in her Masters degree in Leadership, and a Ph.D in Leadership, Performance and Change in 2008. At this time she repositioned the business to provide support for Organisational Development and Sustainability. The title of her thesis is: "Organisational Energy & Individual Well-being" which explores the dynamic interaction between the organisation and the individual and how each impacts on the other, as well as the impact on wellbeing.

Our Clients