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Coaching Leaders and Managers for High Performance

The Value of Coaching

One of the greatest values of a coach is to give coachees new and useful points of view, about what they are doing and how they’re doing it. Coaches bring to the coachee a perspective beyond that of their own experience, organisation and culture, and are able to reframe issues in a broader, global perspective. This dialogue offers opportunities to the coachee to consider more consciously the types of contributions they are making to their company and to choose the kinds of contributions they would like to be making more broadly in the world. 

The business case for coaching

Business today places increasing demands on leaders which impact both their professional and personal spheres of life. As leaders exert a powerful impact on the work place through their unique skills and influence, it is important to ensure the continual growth and well-being of these individuals.

The discipline of coaching has grown in use as a methodology by which to engage the individual, provide support, challenge and inspire in order to achieve specific goals through the power of partnership. Coaching is therefore ideal for supporting leaders in their pursuit of excellence.

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