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Harnessing Energy in the Workplace

Understanding the three levels of energy in an organisation.

Companies benefit from the positive dynamics of an energised workforce because, under these circumstances employees work well together, relationships are supportive and inspiring, and information is freely shared. Energy therefore drives motivation, powers teamwork, fosters creativity and gives organisations a competitive edge.

Individual Energy

Individual energy, especially the manager’s, influences the energy that comes from the team members. In addition, the energy state of the team members impacts on the energy of the team.

Team energy

Team members have the ability to create shared social ideas and thoughts, utilising cognitive energy. It is suggested that effective teams have a sense of shared, compatible knowledge which can be used to co-ordinate thoughts and behaviour towards specific and team relevant accomplishments.

Organisational energy

In the workplace, energy is the fuel on which organisations run. Organisational energy refers to the shared energy amongst organisation members. This energy results from shared experiences and responses to contextual or situational experiences, as well as the cognitive, affective, and behavioural states of individual members of the organisation.

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