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Well-being, at an individual and organisational level

Struggling to keep up with the pace of change and competitive pressure, could require a new look at the individual and the organisation, and the never-ending pattern of interaction recognised.

Individual approaches

There has been a strong call for a holistic approach to well-being. Entities and systems in the universe function and exist as a whole unit – interdependent and interrelated.  Our health is a result of bringing our true unique essence through our consciousness, mind, feelings, and matter, including our physical body. 

Benefits of a healthy work culture are believed to include increased physical and mental health of employees, advanced personal growth, and an enhanced sense of self-worth.  This is an aspect of human physiology that physicians have not yet understood and only reluctantly acknowledge. However, organisational surveys conducted on managers confirm the need for workplace cultures, leadership, and work processes that acknowledge the whole individual with needs, desires, values and a spiritual self.

Our Interventions

We offer one day well-being interventions for groups. These interventions can be customized to your needs. Where appropriate, they can be rolled out across your organization. Typically our interventions center around relaxation, stress reduction techniques, the use of art, drama and music as well as contact with nature. Through alternative modalities, delegates not only feel better at the end of the day, but have also learnt some self-help techniques that they can take with them.

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